Curves = Opportunity

Life is full of curves.

  • Curves are beautiful, rolling hills bathed in purple light.
  • Curves are the gentle subtleties in our faces that communicate emotion.
  • Curves are powerful arcs of an attacker’s swings.
  • Curves are dangerous; launching speeding cars off course.

Curves = Change

High to low, right to left, good to bad, happy to sad…

The nature of a curve is transition between different directions. Without this change in direction a curve would cease to be a curve. So curves represent change. Think of the subtle curves in the yin yang symbol:

Change = Opportunity

The beauty of change is that the opportunity pot is constantly being stirred. Imagine if industry were not allowed to evolve and new disruptive technology was suppressed? Very few would maintain a stronghold on opportunity. But enter change…curves…and the playing field is somewhat more level.

In may ways, the curved road and car are the perfect “opportunity” analogy.

  • Lean into the curve to pick up speed.
    Go with your gut, move with the change not against it.
  • Watch your speed as you accelerate through the curve.
    Stay humble, keep analyzing, strive for continuous improvement.
  • Correct course as you come out of the curve. 
    Changes come and go. Be ready to adjust and look toward the next curve.

Curves = Change = Opportunity

Today’s One-Word Prompt via The Daily Post: CURVE

Curve — The Daily Post


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  1. Great post. Nice to see someone integrate spirituality, creativity and business in an intelligent, witty way.

    Liked by 1 person

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