Nope, Not Gonna Do It

Why should I win the trip to MozCon 2016?

I don’t want to talk about myself or my skills. Not going to gush over the once-in-a-lifetime networking opportunities. I’m not going to explain how important it is to write compelling content that delights and motivates the target audience.

Definitely not going to explain the value of search engine optimization or the fact that brands will no longer remain competitive unless they take SEO, usability, and design seriously.

None of that matters. I live, breathe, dream marketing. 

So let’s not discuss content marketing, optimization, schema, or keywords. Let’s talk about the only thing that matters in marketing. Successfully bringing your product or service to market. Making money.

A Whole New World

The Internet is a whole new world. How exciting for marketers!

giphy (27)

The 1990’s spawned the wild, wild, west of online marketing. Oh the joy of keyword stuffing and sketchy tactics to get eyes on our cheesy websites. OK, that’s a bit harsh, but seriously… poke around on the Wayback Machine and tell me you don’t agree.

And suddenly, with the invention of the magical WWW everyone became a marketer. Can we all agree that there are teenagers with a better understanding of online brand development than decades-old firms?

giphy (1)

Enter Content Marketing: What Was Old is New Again?

The traditional 5 Ps of marketing are product, price, place, promotion, and profit. The marketing tactic we refer to as content marketing is just marketing applied to the digital marketplace.

We know our prospects are cruising around on the Internet… consuming information, buying all sorts of things… and leaving an unbelievable trail of consumer behavior data in their wakes.

Consider this view of content marketing in the lens of the traditional five Ps:

  • Product: The piece of content you want people to see
  • Price: The bar your reader must pass to access the content
  • Place: The domains that host and/or share content that your target audience craves
  • Promotion: The social media posts and digital advertising that attracts eyes to your content
  • Profit: The need for unique content that attracts high quality leads in sufficient numbers to drive revenue

All marketing challenges (ahem, opportunities) should be approached with these five aspects in mind.

So, Why Should I Win the Ticket to MozCon 2016?

Because Moz gets it.

Moz blog posts like Measuring Content: You’re Doing it Wrong and Battleground Mobile: Why (& How) to Prepare for the Future show that this group of thinkers values the core concepts of traditional marketing.

Moz has skill in applying these traditional concepts to the digital landscape. Scientific analysis is balanced with a focus on user behavior and the realities of the ever-changing world of business on the WWW.

Moz is a bit of a Doc Brown to my Marty McFly…

giphy (3).gif

Online marketing, internet marketing, content marketing… whatever you call it. Marketing strategically online is crucial. Moz is a clear marketing thought leader.

So, please Moz. Please let me join the cool kids and have some marketing fun with the crew in Seattle.





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