Roger, Meet Einstein.

Hello Roger. I’d like to introduce you to someone. You’re bound to become BFFs.

Roger, meet Einstein. Einstein Industries.


As you probably guessed from the name, Einstein Industries is named after the incredible physicist Albert Einstein.

Our company’s founder was so impressed by Albert Einstein’s philosophy and scientific approach that he infused the thought leader’s persona into Einstein Industries and its business lines over twenty years ago.

To this day, the kind people of Einstein Industries (including folks from Einstein Medical, Einstein Dental, and Einstein Law) approach each and every challenge with the “Einstein” mindset. Essentially… using an analytical approach to produce creative results that drive business.

What Do Roger & Einstein Have In Common?

May 25, 2016 11:07.gif

Roger, you have a wonderful set of characteristics that are core to your firm:

  • Transparent & Authentic
  • Generous
  • Fun
  • Empathetic
  • Exceptional

Einstein has a set of beliefs as well:

  • Long-Term View = Lifetime Value
  • Marketing = Research + Strategy
  • Email Marketing Mission: Provide Value
  • Social Media Mission: Bring Industry Leaders Together

What is the common thread between our two firms?

Transparency & Authenticity

Ultimately, marketing is a human task. You can automate, analyze, and hypothesize…. but you can’t take the heart out of marketing.

Roger achieves this ideal through his TAGFEE programming. Einstein achieves this ideal through scientific approaches to marketing challenges. See! You are both very similar. Friends for sure…


Moz, please send me to MozCon 2016 so that I can continue to build the relationship between these two benevolent icons: Roger & Einstein.

See you soon!




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