The Power of Blank

She is such a blank.

He looked at her blankly.

The page was blank.

Fill in the _____.

Blank is powerful.

Blank is an open invitation for creativity.

A brand new journal, a hot cup of coffee, a comfy chair…


Blank is scary.

Blank is the unknown.

Blank is lack of information.

A blank look can be intimidating.

giphy (47)

Blank is useful.

Blank is an empty cup.

An empty, clean, cup… just add coffee. Now you’ve got something.

200 (3).gif

Blank is an opportunity in the marketplace.

Blank is the chance to bring something new into the world.

giphy (48)

Don’t be such a _____. Just _____.

Life. You fill in the blanks.

One word prompt: Blank


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